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Demand boom – Covid strengthens UK holiday accommodation market

The Covid-19 pandemic has had many adverse effects on businesses, but an industry that has benefited immensely from the pandemic is the UK holiday accommodation market. New research from building society, The Cumberland, shows a huge boost to the UK’s staycation market.

What the study shows New research from The Cumberland reveals 86% of holiday accommodation owners say they have invested in their business during the pandemic. A further 94% of holiday
accommodation owners say they have made a long-lasting, positive change. Continue reading

The electric vehicle revolution: How our homes are driving the green transition

Electric vehicles are driving the UK’s green transition, helping the nation on its journey towards sustainability and net zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned after 2030, meaning that the future roads are guaranteed to look more electric.

But with the increase of electric vehicles comes the issue of charging. Of course, it makes sense that we should all be able to charge our cars at home. Nipping to the petrol station during the rush hour commute will be no more, as recharging will be done on our doorsteps. But do you have an electric vehicle charger at your home yet? The answer is most likely no. After all, we’ve not had much use for them up until now. Continue reading

Subsidence – would you know if your investment property had it?

Along with Japanese knotweed, it’s one of the issues that can have the biggest impact on a home’s value and ability to sell, but would you be able to spot subsidence?

You wouldn’t be alone if not, with new research suggesting that 4.4 million homeowners aren’t aware of how to spot it. The findings from LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) reveal that more than half of homeowners (51%) don’t know what the signs of subsidence are, which are crucial to prevent it from getting to a very bad stage. Continue reading

Insight – these cities will continue to attract investors post-Covid-19

In recent times, regional property markets have seen a significant increase in investor interest. This upwards trajectory has been historically driven by two factors; one being to reduce risk
aversion amongst investors in the wake of the global financial crisis, and the other being rooted in the desire to capture the short-term leasing market that has started to drain away from London. Continue reading

Ten-point plan – the future of the cladding crisis unveiled

Government policy and a lack of joined-up thinking are holding back the progress needed to tackle the cladding crisis, particularly in the way it is ‘dragging its feet’ in protecting leaseholders from bearing the costs of remediation, according to a new report.

A brand-new cladding crisis report from residential property experts across the sector – titled ‘Cladding: A Way Forward’ – has been unveiled by national law firm Irwin Mitchell, complete with a ten-point plan on what could be done to help solve the crisis. Continue reading

The roaring 20s – will there be a return to the cities that never sleep?

One of the strangest sights during the pandemic has been the image of some of the biggest, busiest cities in the world being almost completely deserted at times – barren, eerily quiet,
almost apocalyptic.

However, with the easing of restrictions as part of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, and the success so far of the UK’s vaccination programme, there are signs that major global cities such as London and New York could experience a renaissance as those who have moved away during the pandemic return for the greater cultural, culinary, sporting and leisure opportunities on offer. Continue reading

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