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Charlie - UK Property Consultant

Charlie – UK Property Consultant

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My property journey started some years ago when I bought my first Buy to Let property in a small Scottish Town and having not even seen the unit I was buying!! That was in the era of the Property Clubs sourcing multiple unit’s at large discounts from Developers and in 2008, when the Credit crunch hit, that all came to a shuddering halt and most of the Property Clubs vanished overnight!!

Any Investor during those times would have taken a hit but the professionals would also have seen an opportunity to purchase distressed properties from distressed Owners/Investors. Holding onto these over the next 10 years would have been an excellent investment decision having seen all markets rise and more so in the Capital – London.

I have a passion for property and probably always will and having suffered personally during the down turn I needed and wanted a route back into this market. Instead of directly investing in the markets I set up a sourcing Company – East of England Land & Property and I worked with other Property and Land finders to bring potential land and development deals to Developers and High Net Worth Investors.

Charles OverendI increased my network of Clients, not only Buyers but also Sellers, which gave me another route to market. I aligned myself with a handful of smaller Developers who were either converting Houses into Student HMO’s or were converting Commercial Office Space into Residential Apartments via Permitted Development Planning. It became obvious that the normal older funding routes had ceased so other alternative sources were being used and that was either Private Joint Venture Funding or large Pension Funds coming to the table to fund larger projects. I took it upon myself to start sourcing alternative Funding routes for these smaller Developers and at the same time offering to produce a professional and credible presentation. This would be done by putting together a comprehensive Business Development Plan and a Cost Appraisal spreadsheet, which would detail the breakdown of the numbers involved. A rental and valuation comparable sheet would be added to offer a full initial breakdown of the project on offer.

Now Developers ask me to assist and provide consultancy services to them, and as such, I now advise companies by producing the relevant Business Development Plans, Cost Appraisal spreadsheets and bringing alternative funders to the table as well as looking at exit routes for sites that are currently being explored.

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Charlie Overend aka Charles Overend

Charlie Overend

Charlie Overend is committed to great customer service and building long lasting customer relationships. In property consulting, empathetic, patient customer service from a dedicated professional, supported by a skilled, polished, and motivated office staff, is a prerequisite for success.

A property developer buys a property, develops it through renovation, then either sells it on for a profit or rents it out to tenants.  This usually involves buying a property that is below market value because it needs to be updated and renovated through new furnishings, repairs and maintenance.  Charlie has experience of both residential and commercial property development.

London’s property market is now worth more than £1.5tn (at Feb 2018), an increase of 1.54pc during the previous 12 months.  According to Zoopla in Jan 2018 the Bristol property market was worth £115bn and Glasgow was next largest at £90bn.

Buying a property cheaply means that once you have injected new life into it, you should hopefully be able to sell it on for much more than you originally paid or rent it out at market rates for that type and condition of property.

As a professional property consultant, Charlie is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the property market.  He provides added value to property investors by sharing his expertise, years of experience and contacts. This of course results to increased efficiency and market leading yields for his clients.

Average Price – £257,200

City house price growth running at 4.6%. UK city house price inflation was +4.6% over the last 12 months prior May 2018. House price growth across the twenty cities ranges from 7.1% to -5.7%. Source: Hometrack House Price Indices.


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